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Teaching is a gift. I know this especially because it is not a gift I possess. Of course I know that a pizza slice is a triangle but for me to explain to a child how to draw a line from the picture to the corresponding shape- forget it. I have a total mental block when it comes to explaining things to someone else and especially to children. I know how to do things, just not how to explain them in a way that is simple enough for a child to understand.

Luckily, I have a sister who has a degree in early childhood development. When I can’t explain things, I reach out to her and she magically (it’s magic to me) turns confusion into clarity. Truthfully, I learn too. Since she can’t be around to be a personal tutor to my children, I needed a tool to “help me help them”. She always tells me “you show your child something 100 times, and then finally one day they just do it”. For my daughter, that connection happened through

I was curious from watching the commercials and I wanted to try it out. My daughter was barely two and I wasn’t sure she could pay attention long enough to learn anything. She did a couple activities at first and then started to favor the music section. She watched a lot of letter videos and I thought “well, at least she’s having fun.”

Then one day we went to the park to play.  There is a large board near the slide with a mix-up of all the letters of the alphabet. On her way to the slide, she stopped, pointed, and told my sister “this is the letter I”. And it was. I was amazed. She wasn’t just dancing around to the music- she was actually learning. Once the shock wore off, my first comment was “that’s ABCmouse”. She gets it. I am a proud parent.

She now knows more letters and the sounds they make. We often sing “ba ba ba letter B” because she loves it and it is so catchy. She likes to earn tickets to get new fish for her fish tank. She watched videos in successive repetition and she learns.

There are so many great features. The activities are endless (there are over 3,000). We had been talking about planting a flower this spring so my husband and I had been trying to explain how/why seeds grow. Guess what- I found a featured lesson on “How Plants Grow!”  There is always something new to keep them interested.

One of the best features of is their customer support. They respond quickly and always have suggestions to help. I’ve had questions on several occasions and was able to email customer support easily right from the app. They have answered everything from how to keep my child engaged to recovering tickets after I reinstalled the app. If you have a question-they have the answer.

I even found a way to play with both of my girls and keep them engaged. It turns onto a family activity. They even ask to play now. Read about it here: How I got my kids to WANT to play every day!

If you aren’t a teacher but you are looking to help your child get ready for school- don’t pass up this opportunity. Every time my daughter tells me that Debbie starts with D or she sings about a new letter, I am so glad that I took a few minutes to sign up!

Get your first month free with this link: – Over 3,000 Educational Activities – First Month Free – Click here!

Have you tried What did your child learn that amazed you? Leave a Comment below.

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