How to make a Happy Spider: Easy Halloween Craft!

Preview: Easy Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers that also teaches shapes and colors!

halloween craft for toddlers ad preschoolers


Preview: Super easy and fun spider Halloween craft for toddlers! 

Isn’t it so fun to share holidays with your children? I could not wait until my first baby was old enough to start painting pumpkins or try a Halloween craft for toddlers. Okay, maybe I started before she could really participate but I was just so excited to have a little miracle to share the fun with!

We are working on making Halloween fun (and not so scary) for our 1 & 2 year old by trying some easy crafts, books/movies, and snacks. They are still getting used to a holiday were we “celebrate” with monsters, ghosts, and spiders.

This Halloween craft is really easy to make, assembles quickly, and uses items you probably have in your house. It is simple enough for toddlers to make (with supervision of course- glue sticks look a bit too much like lipstick and therefore a risk for “tasting”!). This is also a great activity for learning shapes and colors.

Super easy!

Happy Spider Halloween Craft

Here’s what you need:

Paper plate

Construction paper

Glue stick

Scissors (parent use)

Haloween craft

-Pick a color (or 2 or 3!) for the legs and cut paper into strips. Pile strips together and fold accordance style then release.

– Cut ovals/circles for the eyes. (I folded the white paper over several times to make multiple circle of the same size and shape). Next cut black circles for the eye balls. They should be a bit smaller than the white circles so they fit inside to make eye balls.

-Cut a mouth shape and several triangles for “scary teeth”.

-Using a glue stick, put some glue on the flat part of the “leg” and glue to the back of your paper plate. Add as many legs as you like!!!

-Next, use the remaining shapes to make a silly spider face. I made a red mouth and added a few “sharp” teeth. Let the kids express their creativity! Maybe their spider has a mustache or scary eyebrows.

You could easily cut out eye shapes and add a string to make this into a silly spider mask!

Spider Halloween craft

Using different shapes and colors presents a great opportunity for learning! Colors, shapes, and counting are all present in this simple Halloween craft:

  • “Can you find the yellow circles for the eyes?”
  •  “What shape are the spiders teeth?”
  • “What color should we use for the mouth?”
  • “How many legs does the spider have?”

These little moments make a big impact on their education, love of learning, and emotional capacity. Who knew Mommy-and-Me time could be beneficial and fun?!

Have fun and make it your own. Spending this time together with your child working on a Halloween craft is also a great time to prepare them for what they might see while they are out trick-or-treating or at Halloween parties. A little bit of open communication could make a big difference in turning a potentially scary experience into some holiday fun! Here is a link to the American Academy of Pediatrics Halloween Safety Tips . They had a lot of great tips that I hadn’t even thought about!


Halloween craft

What is your favorite Halloween craft to make with your toddler?

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