How to shop and run errands WITHOUT dragging your kids to the store  

Preview: 5 tips to run errands and get things done without having to drag kids to the store. 

When I was searching for an image to include in this article, I searched stock images for “shopping with kids” and I have to share with you what I found:


tips to run errands without kids

Exactly who looks like this when they are shopping with kids?! No one. All of the pictures I found were happy families and smiling children. Maybe I am doing it wrong- but this is the opposite of how we normally look while shopping. Where are all the actual photos? The ones were the baby is screaming, the toddler is throwing a tantrum on the floor, and the 4-year-old begging me to buy everything she sees? Because that is real. Unfortunately, there were NO  images of actual families fighting their kids through the grocery store just so there would be milk and bread in the house.

If your family looks like the above photo when you are shopping, PLEASE share your secrets!

No one wants to go shopping with children in tow. It’s second only to labor itself. I am always looking for ways to avoid taking the kids with me to run errands. By the time I dress 3 kids, buckle them in car seats, drive 2 minutes to the store (it is that close), unbuckle them, grab their iPads and pray for in-store Wifi, fight them through the store, buckle them back up… you get it. It takes WAY longer for me to buckle/unbuckle than to run errands.

I’d like to share with you some of the ways I found to get things done (groceries, prescription pick-up, etc.) without dragging my kids along. These things actually save me time and much sanity.

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How to shop and run errands WITHOUT dragging your kids to the store:

1) AMAZON:  This is a must. And start early: like when you are creating your baby registry, forget the diapers. Ask for Prime membership. Because the minute you become a parent, you see why you need it. Anything you need- you can order from Amazon. Diapers, formula, toilet paper, wine… I mean whatever you need. Being able to order from Amazon helps in a few ways :

~You can order whenever you need something- no more forgetting your list. (how many times do you go to the store for milk, spend $100+, and forget milk?!)

~Price check: you can double check prices and usually get a better deal than the stores

~You don’t have to go to the store. For almost anything. Ever. Enough said.

~ There is a 30-day free trial for Amazon so you have nothing to lose: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I could talk all day about Amazon because Amazon is life. I’ll save you the lengthy explanation and instead direct you to: 5 things you didn’t know about saving money on Amazon. If you understand my obsession, join us in the Facebook group: Amazon is my Happy Place.










2) GROCERIES– Although you can order your groceries on Amazon, sometimes even 2-day shipping is not fast enough. When you desperately need bread but don’t want to be “that family in Walmart”, try drive-thru grocery. Many grocery store now offer an option to order your groceries online through their website, pay online, then select a time to pick-up your groceries. There is a designated pick-up area where you stop, park, and a store employee will bring your order to your car. There is a $30 minimum (but when is the last time you spent less than $30 at the grocery store. right?!).

Here is Walmart’s site where you can learn more and see if this service is available at a store near you:

You can also check your local grocery chain’s website to see if they offer this awesome service.

3) BANKING– Going to the bank is painful. Every time I try to “run in” and make a deposit, there are 3 people in front of me who want to review every transaction posted to their account over the past 6 months. sigh. I’m sure you probably check your account and make some transfers online but there is even more that you do. Many banks offer some type of “mobile deposit” where you can take a photo of your check and then deposit within 24 hours. Branch ATMs often take deposits too.

Have a bill that doesn’t accept online payments? Try scheduling payments from your bank account. They make the payment for you from your account when you schedule it to happen. You can usually make it recurring so you only have to set it out once. Often you can also sign up for mobile alerts that let you know when a bill os due or your account hits a threshold.

Bank offers and details vary so always speak to your banker or financial advisor first.

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Get stuff done without taking kids to the store

4) STAMPS–  : Buy stamps on the USPS site and have them shipped to you. Need to ship a package? You can fill out, purchase, and print a shipping label on the USPS site then schedule a time for your postal carrier to pick up the package. And you never had to leave the house.

If you happen to ever make it to the grocery store, check the Customer Service Desk. Many stores sell  stamps right there. This is a great option if you just need a book of stamps.

5) PRESCRIPTIONS– Instead of dragging your kids through the drug store, use the Pharmacy delivery service. Large chains such as CVS offer this service in many locations but I have found that many smaller, local pharmacies will also deliver. Call or check their websites to find out if this is an option and what the details are (minimum charge, delivery radius, etc).

Did you know Walgreens will ship your prescriptions for free? So does Walmart. Check out the details on their sites : Walgreens Prescription Ship Free  Walmart Prescription Delivery

You can also use a mail delivery service such as Express Scripts if your insurance covers it. The mail services usually save you money (and a headache) so you might want to call the member services number on your health insurance card and look into it!

Hopefully I have been able to give you a few ideas to “run errands without kids” that will save you a lot of stress! If you are looking for some more tips to organize, automate, and simplify your life so you can enjoy your kids, sign up for the free Happy Mom Boot Camp email course!

… now if I could just figure out how to go to my own doctors appointments without my kids – I could rule the world! 😉


Run errands and get things done without dragging kids to the store

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