Healthy and Delicious! Buffalo- Ranch Popcorn Snack Recipe

Healthy and Delicious! Buffalo- Ranch Popcorn Snack Recipe

After being pregnant for the better part of two years, it is time to get healthy again. Let’s just say my diet could have been better. Between the nausea with my first and chasing a one year around while pregnant with my second, I just ate whatever I could grab. Now I need to get healthy for myself and also to set an example of good eating habits for my girls. Parenting extends into every aspect of your life- right mamas?!

Here is my recipe for what I call Buffalo-Ranch Popcorn. It keeps me from eating potato chips when I am craving something salty or crunchy. I am certainly no dietician but I think it’s healthy!

Buffaol Ranch Popcorn recipe


Here’s what you need:

-popping corn

-a brown paper bag1

-popcorn bowl

-spray butter

-seasoning (a packet that makes the dressing would work great)

-hot sauce

Open brown paper bag and fill with popping corn- about enough to cover the bottom of the bag (probably about 1/4 cup). Fold over the top of the bag to close- about 3 folds or so). Place in microwave on high for about 2- 2.5 minutes. Just as you would with a regular microwave popcorn bag, listen for the popping to slow to about 2-3 seconds apart and then stop the microwave (since cooking times will vary with wattage). Carefully remove from microwave.


When the bag is cool enough to handle, empty cooked popcorn into a large bowl. Spray popcorn with spray butter and shake around to coat as evenly as possible. Next take ranch seasoning and sprinkle over the popcorn. Mix it up (the butter should help it stick a bit). Finally, sprinkle as much hot sauce as you desire. Finito!

I hope you enjoy your buffalo-ranch popcorn. Take it with you as you relax in your happy place! Please share if you try this!

Healthy Buffalo Ranch Popcorn Recipe

What is your favorite late-night snack? Leave a comment and share your recipe!

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