Have healthy lunch with this easy turkey sandwich

This easy, healthy lunch recipe swaps out ingredients for healthier options. Eating healthy can be easy by simply changing out regular foods for healthier alternatives.

You know I love to hit all four food groups with one meal- so here’s another one! As always, it’s quick and easy and uses items you probably already have in your kitchen.

Here’s what you need:
One Thomas’ bagel thin (only 3 weight watchers points per bagel!)
Deli turkey
Low fat cheese slice
Mayo ( I used reduce fat Kraft mayo with olive oil)

Quick, easy, healthy lunch sandwich recipe









Toast the bagel and layer deli turkey, one low-fat cheese slice, a few spinach leaves, then finish with a light layer of reduced fat mayo. Done!  You can add other vegetables- tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, kale, etc. to get some extra vitamins and greens in your diet. I’m low on veggies at the moment so I had to stick with spinach. I’m not a weight watchers expert, but if you are using the plan, I think this is pretty low in points too. (I’m estimating 7 points if you use 2oz of turkey and about half an ounce of mayo).

When you’re a busy Mom, quick and easy meals are a must. You can still make healthy choices even when your in a hurry. Swapping out food items for healthier choices (such as low-fat cheese, healthier breads and meats, etc.) can make a big difference in your health (and your waistline)!

Looking to help your kids get some healthy foods in their diet? Read here (LINK) for some tips and tricks to help them eat healthier too.

Enjoy your lunch!

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What is your healthy go-to lunch when you’re in a hurry? Leave a comment and share!

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