I’m new here!

I have been thinking about a blog for a few years now. Apparently, I am finally getting around to doing it. I have read so many useful and eloquent blogs and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts along side these great thinkers.

Subject matter- life. When I became a parent I was SHOCKED. I spent the previous 32 years worrying about only myself (basically). When I was in the hospital with my daughter I was elated and wanted ten kids! Then I went home… and the nurse did not come with me. What a shock to every part of my being. I now have 2 under 2 (whoa!) and am both thankful and overwhelmed (with love and exhaustion). I had to find my “happy place” to survive. Over the past 19 months, there have been many things that helped me find my happy place. I’d love to share some of those here.

In this blog I hope to share kids development/activity ideas as well as some great parenting articles I come across (especially on positive parenting). But I had to learn the hard way that I need to be more than just Momma if I want to stay sane. Therefore, I might also add some thoughts on products, events, news, education, family, career, health, and maybe even philosophy if that is what hits me at posting time! All the things that add up to- well, life. Hopefully I can add a little bit of “happy” to the world.

Thank you in advance for reading and I hope you always live in your “happy place”!

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