Keep Kids Reading this Summer! Join our Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer Reading

Do you ever feel like you don’t read enough to your kids? Do you have the best of intentions but there just is never enough time in the crazy busy days?

Join our Summer Reading Challenge!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who read aloud with their parents and engage in story time experience stronger parent-child relationships and learn valuable language and literacy skills. (

Although we know how important it is to read to/with our children, it is still hard to find the time and the energy to sit down and read. We intend to read the books but we sometimes forget or simply give-in to fatigue and skip story time altogether. I am so guilty here! 🙁

So this summer, I decided I need an accountability system to make sure I am reading enough to my children.  I also need access to lots book that won’t cost me tons of money to either buy or return. Please join me! If you would like to keep your kids reading through the summer and spend some quality Mommy & Me time building a love of reading- then let’s work together for a Summer of 100 Books!

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Step 1: Accountability

Remembering to read enough to your children can be a challenge in itself. Summer is full of camps, vacations, and holidays… all on top of your already overwhelming daily responsibilities. By bedtime, Mom is exhausted and kids are just beat from enjoying summer. Story time is usually the first thing to go. But it doesn’t have to be!

Join our group where you could enjoy reading to children this summer. Making reading fun with crafts, reading challenges, and support from other Moms who are also spending Mommy & Me time with book-in-hand. Give yourself accountability to read with your children and grow lifelong readers!

This is a 10 week challenge starting the week of June 20 and completing the week of August 20, 2016. This is TOTALLY FREE challenge. Just Moms helping Moms get through the summer reading to and with their kids!

Here’s the plan:

  • 10 Weeks of reading
  • 10 Book goal per week= 100 Books of Summer
  • Tools to help you keep track of books*
  • Reading crafts and activities
  • Support and tips from other Moms
  • Notice of special deals on books and accessories
  • Challenges and reading tips
  • Giveaway at the end!  Any Mom who completes the 10 week challenge can enter to win a $50 Gift Card!

Click now to join the Mommy & Me Summer Reading Challenge Facebook Group today! 

Challenge has closed. Please follow Livinginhappyplace on Facebook for updates and upcoming challenges!

summer reading

*The only accountability required is to yourself and your children! There will not be anything to turn in or verify, blah blah… You are busy enough, Mom. This challenge is meant to help you enjoy time reading with your children and provide tools/support to encourage you to keep reading.

Step 2: Access to Books

The last time I went to the library and checked out books for my kids, it cost me $17.00. Don’t get me wrong- I love the library and fully support everything local libraries offer to the community. However, I cannot seem to get the books back on time. There is even an on-line option to renew but I couldn’t find our card numbers and it was over Christmas….. I know, excuses, but long story short it ended up costing me $17 in late fees to return children’s books they barley read.

Reading should be easy. It should not have to involve a financial burden, turning your closet into a library, or countless trips to borrow/return books. Mom has enough things to do on her list. Let’s eliminate these roadblocks and just get to the reading.

The tool I am using right now is an app called Epic! Books. I just signed up and started my free trail of this membership site that gives you access to over 15,000 children’s books (ages 0-12).

Epic! on iPad

So far I love the app! I have access to National Geographic, Eric Carle, Flat Stanley, Goosebumps, Frozen, Fancy Nancy, Star Wars, as well as award winning books and educational videos. I love that there are no monthly maximums so you can read as much as you want. I just selected the age level, format, and some of my kids’ interests and Epic! populated some recommendations (or you can search for your favorites). I am also pretty excited that the kids can listen to audiobooks for that road-trip coming up this summer!

Unlimited Access to the Best Children’s Books of All Time.

Reading on Epic!

Here are some details: You can sign up now and try it free for 30 days. After your 30-day trail, you can continue your membership at only $4.99/month and cancel at any time. Epic! works on the web, Android, and Apple devices. NO ADS or in-app purchases!!! There is even  tracking and award system to keep kids interested and engaged. There are over 500 Spanish and bilingual books to keep their language skills sharp (and even grow) over the summer. Here’s a link: Sign up now and read FREE for 30 days!

This also makes a great gift for grandchildren. There is an option that is FREE FOR VERIFIED EDUCATORS so be sure to share this with your favorite teacher!

I love that I can let my toddler use this app to read books to keep her occupied while we are shopping instead of watching surprise egg videos on YouTube. I even found a few baby books that kept my 10-month-old nephew engaged. He liked the “read-to-me” option and I think he is even trying to repeat the sounds. All around I am loving this app!

*This app is in no way a requirement to join the challenge! I just wanted to share a tool I am using this summer that has been a big help. You are absolutely welcome and encouraged to join the challenge using any book/media form you choose!

Now that you have an option for accessing lots of books and an accountability system available to help keep you on track- let’s get started!

This group needs awesome Moms like you to share reading tips, ask questions, win some prizes, and help keep us accountable for getting our books read this summer! Join with a friend, tag your sister, or come make some new friends! LINK

Summer reading challenge

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