How to get your kids off of YouTube and turned on to a learning app!

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Goodbye YOutube, hello learning app


I have spent too much of my parenting life trying to figure out how to make my kids NOT love Youtube. I will never get how watching other people play with toys can be better than actually playing with them yourself. Between the Family Finger songs and that darn Gummy Bear…

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I researched and wrote an article on “What every parent should know about Youtube” to help other parents keep their kids safe on Youtube. It covers using the kid-safe version of Youtube, how to set time limits, age restricted content, and even volume control. But you can’t stop the Gummy Bear.

In our modern time, technology is unavoidable. Kids are going to have screen time (if your kids don’t then please share your secrets!). Would we rather our children spend their screen time learning something and love doing it?

A different kind of learning app…

Things changed when I found Epic! They call it the Netflix of children’s books. It gives you unlimited access to 30,000+ books, audiobooks, and educational videos. Your children can follow their interest and read just about anything they want without you having to worry about them asking for in-app purchases (there are none), bothersome ads (none of those either), or finding inappropriate content (it is a children’s app and you set the age limit).

Valentine's DayFostering Curiosity

Kids ask questions about everything. You never realize how much you don’t know until you are questioned by a 4-year-old. Today my daughter asked me “why are cactuses so pinchy” (that’s a direct quote). I. have. no. idea.

I could Google it, of course, but I find that Google searching gives me answers that are too advanced for her (or sometimes me!) to understand. So instead, we opened the Epic! app and did a search for “cactus”. Since I already had her age saved in settings, it gave us 2 book options to learn about cacti. The one we chose was a “Read to Me” so we listened together and learned more about cacti. Fun, easy, and age-appropriate. We both learned something.

She is now in love with the Epic app! Yesterday I heard her listening to a book about fractions. I was impressed with the way they explained the concept and showed it with images. I really love that she took the initiative to learn about things herself. Since the app is full of educational books and videos, I know she will learn something new each time she uses it!

Thousands of high quality titles.

An Opportunity for Bonding

You even get weekly progress emails that let you know which books your child is selecting, how much time they are spending reading, how many pages they turned, and how many total minutes read. This a great opportunity to bond with kids; Start a conversation about a subject where they are showing interest. “Hey, I saw you were reading a book about ladybugs. Would you like to go outside and search for some?” I bet they will tell you all everything they learned about ladybugs 😉

Did I mention there are no ads or in-app purchases? It’s a monthly subscription with unlimited access. There is nothing more to buy and you can cancel anytime.

Use this link to get your 2 month free trail!

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Good-bye Youtube, Hello Learning app TUrn off Youtub and turn on this learnig app!

Now you can ditch Youtube videos of adults talking in a Barbie voice, and move on to a learning app that is as fun as it is educational!

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