Let them eat cake- Part 2: Cookies!

Healthy Kids Part Two- Cookies!

Since we have reviewed healthy swap outs in part one, kids deserve a snack! How about cookies?!

Here I am sharing two recipes that I have tried myself.

Banana Oat Cookies-

My favorite thing about these cookies- 2 ingredients!!! Oh, and they are healthy too. Oats and bananas. That’s it. You can add anything you want after that to customize but you can’t get much simpler than two base ingredients. This is a recipe I found on burlapbag.com (link here). This site has a lot of great healthy, all natural snack ideas. I do advise using very very ripe bananas this recipe. You could also add a bit of sweetener (such as honey or agave) to sweeten them up a bit.

I usually throw in a few mini chocolate chip morsels so I can call them “chocolate chip cookies” when I give them to my toddler. The Burlap Bag website also has a “summer recipe” using peaches and oats and a “winter recipe” using pumpkin puree and oats. All great choices! Check out their site for details: http://www.theburlapbag.com/?s=2+ingredient+cookies

oats and mashed banana

oats and mashed banana

mash together with fork

mash together with fork

chocolate chips added

chocolate chips added




Healthy kids cookie recipe


No-bake cookies:

The next one is so good that they are allowed on the regimen (if you’re new here- “the regimen” =low sugar, low carbs healthy eating lifestyle).  The recipe is from frugalfarmwife.com (which also has other great healthy recipes) and you can link to it here.

They are a treat, as they do have some sugar and fat (from natural sources such as honey and coconut oil). They are pretty simple to make and: They. Are. Delicious. These tasty treats are a huge hit here do not last very long. Chocolate, peanut butter, cookies– where can you go wrong?! And they are a healthier option than store bought cookies or frozen dough-which are both full of artificial ingredients. These cookies do freeze well so you can always have some on hand.

Moderation in all things, of course. But it is nice to be able to say “yes” when kids ask for a cookie. Using these healthier recipes, you can give them a treat without trying to recall how many sweets they’ve had that day or calculating whether they are getting enough healthy food to balance a treat.

Now on to Heathy Kids Part 3: CAKE!

Do you have a healthy cookie recipe? We would love to hear it! Please share!

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