Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea

DIY Mother’s Day gift idea that Mom will treasure forever!

Ah, motherhood. The trails and tribulations. The handprints all over the mirrors, the toys all over the floor, the endless piles of laundry. Some days it gets really hard to remind yourself that you are a good Mom. It is even harder to remember that this mess is temporary and one day you will be the Mom of grown children who have moved out of the house and have their own messes to clean. It’s hard to think that someday you will miss the days when they threw Barbie shoes and Thomas trains all over your house. It seems so far away that your glass door won’t be full of fingerprints five minutes after you Windex. But it’s really not so the far in the future. It will be here before you know it. You will wonder how the time (and the fingerprints) disappeared so quickly.

*clearing throat, wiping tears

Here is a Mother’s Day gift you can appreciate. It’s a way to keep those precious fingerprints without having to go through a bottle of Windex. This is a simple, inexpensive gift that the kids can make for Mom (with some help) and it’s much better than “something for the house” as a Mother’s Day gift!

Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea


Here’s what you need:

  • 8×10 frame (I got this one at the Dollar Store. One with a rivet along the edge is easiest to fill with glitter glue.)
  • printer
  • kid-friendly paint
  • decorations for the frame (optional) Beads or gems from any craft store work great!

DIY mothers day gift idea frame

  1. Print out this poem: Tiny Fingerprints Poem  (Click link then click on the file name to print without having to download!)

Tip: Print out several copies. It may take more than one attempt to get a good set of handprints.

A Poem for Mom

2. Use paint to have your kids make handprints on the page. Set aside to dry.

Here is my trick for getting handprints without a super huge mess: Use a paintbrush to brush the paint onto your child’s hand. This eliminates the need for them to “dip” their hand in paint and make a super big mess. Keep wet and dry paper towels (or my favorite all-purpose baby wipe!) nearby and get them straight to the sink. Always make sure you are using kid-safe non-toxic paint!

DIY mothers day gift idea handprint poem

3. While the paint is drying, use glitter glue on the edges of the frame. Fill in the rivet (if there is one) or simply add your own decorative flare. Mom loves her kid’s creativity!

mothers day gift idea DIY frame

4. Add beads or gems into the wet glue. (Or let the kids decorate for Mom!).

DIY mothers day gift idea

5. Lay flat to dry over night.

6. When dry, add printed poem with handprints to frame.

7. Assemble the frame and keep forever <3

mothers day gift idea DIY

Make sure to email this link on to your husband or share on Facebook and tag him! The kids might need some help with this one 😉 He could use a Mother’s Day gift idea… Otherwise you might get a vacuum cleaner… 😉




I hope this Mother’s Day gift idea helps you hold on to sweet memories of when your babies were little ❤️


Fly your Happy Mom flag and join us!


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