Patriotic Pancakes! Have a fun holiday breakfast with these easy pancakes!

Fun and Easy Holiday Patriotic Pancakes!

Start the holiday off right with an easy, patriotic breakfast! These firework pancakes are simple to make and the kids will love the fun designs! This is also a nice way for younger children to enjoy fireworks without all the scary booms (have you read the article on making fireworks less scary?)

They couldn’t be easier to make- I promise!

Here’s what you need:

Your usual pancake batter

food coloring

paper plate



Now let’s get cooking!

Prepare ahead for the decorating part by placing a few drops of food coloring on a dish:

patriotic pancakes recipe

Use your normal pancake batter or mix and prepare according to the instructions on the box. Spray pan and pour batter as you normally would. While the first side is cooking, start to create your fireworks on the uncooked side. Dip a toothpick into the color of your choice. Draw an X in the batter of the uncooked side of the pancake while it is cooking in the pan. Dip a second toothpick into a second color (I use a different toothpick for each color) and draw lines coming out of the X (see photo for example):

patriotic firework pancake recipe

There is really no perfect way to draw a firework so be creative! Use your child’s favorite colors, shapes, add sprinkles- anything fun! I just kept drawing lines out from the center to create a “firework”.

patriotic firework pancake

Turn pancakes just as you normally would (when bubbles start to pop). Finish cooking on the “firework” side and you’re done! Try not to overcook the firework side (or the design with fade a bit). You can set up a fun, holiday presentation for serving and your finished product will look something like this:

patriotic firework pancake recipe


Here is one more fun idea for a healthy pancakes option: Use blueberries and cut-up strawberries to make a flag in the pancake. If you try this method, be extra careful when you flip the pancake over or the design could disappear into the batter:

Fruit flag pancake breakfast

That’s it! An easy, fun breakfast! Maybe you just started a new tradition. Now you can get ready for the rest of your celebration.


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Start your holiday breakfast with a bang! Fireworks pancakes!

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