Peel and slice apples the easy way with these simple hacks!

Preview: Peel and slice apples the easy way using these simple tools and hacks!

peel and slice apples easily!

You want your kids to eat healthy, right? You offer apples as a healthy snack so how many apples would you say that you peel before your kid is old enough to use a knife? Say 3 a week from age 1 to maybe 11 (can 10 year olds use knives? I’m just guessing here). So over 10 years let’s say you peel and cut 1,560 apples. And that’s per kid.

That’s a lot of peeling.

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While Christmas shopping, I came across a small appliance that changed the way I peeled apples forever! I have to share it with you because I know it will save you a ton of time!

This has become a favorite kitchen appliance. Everyone who has seen it work has bought one. They are affordable, take up little space, easy to clean, and save a TON of time. (check out video below to see how it works!)

It also peels potatoes, sweet potatoes, pears, zucchini, etc. If you make mashed potatoes even once- this thing is worth it!

Now you have two options for slicing/coring:

If your child likes apple slices, then an apple slicer is the way to go. It tends take a bit of strength to cut the apple completely but it takes care of slicing and coring all in one step.

If your child like to eat the apple whole, try a simple apple corer. They are very inexpensive and don’t take as much strength to operate as the slicer. You simply grip the handle tightly, line of the hole over the core and push through the apple. You now have a peeled apple with the core removed – and less worry about your little one finding a seed. (Always double check for seeds before handing off to child).

Click on the play button below for a quick video that shows you the Rotato Express in action:


peel and slice apples easy

I like to make “Apple Volcanos” for my toddler and preschooler.

Use the Rotato Express to peel the apple and the corer to remove the core.

Place the apple on a dish and fill the center with yogurt.

Cover with cinnamon.

Add sprinkles on top and serve!

Simple, healthy, and a big hit with little ones!

Peel and slice apples the easy way

Now that you’ve found an easy way to peel and slice apples, what will you do with all that free time 😉?

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