Potty Training “Accident” Kit for Moms and Toddlers on the Go

Preview: Keep this simple potty training accident kit with you to keep you toddler clean and ready to keep going


Potty Training Accident Kit

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Potty training is one of the least-fun parts of parenting. No one looks forward to it. It’s messy, frustrating, and time consuming.

I wish there was a magic method I could share with you but the truth is that every child is different. What helped me was a book called  Potty Train in a Weekend. The author is a former teacher and she used this method to potty train all four of her children (boys and girl). You can get the book, Potty Train in a Weekend, through this LINK! It is a #1 selling book on Amazon and comes with a ton of freebies. I like the way she wrote it as if she were right there with you. I felt like I had a real support system and she even takes email questions if you need help.

No matter how quickly (or not!) your child is able to catch on to going in the potty, they are bound to have accidents. It might be often or just occasionally but you want to be ready when it happens.

I put together this simple kit for accidents that happen when we are out of the house. Just a few items to help keep things clean and allow the toddler to keep their dignity while their little bodies and growing brains are catching on to this new task.

potty training accident kit

Potty Training Accident Kit contents:

  • A large, disposable changing pad to stand on while you are changing them. This helps mom get them out of their wet clothes and into dry ones without having the added worry of dirty bathroom floors. I love these large ones from Babies R Us and use them for everything. They are big enough to fit the whole baby on too while they’re still in diapers (I’m never sure which side it suppose to be under the pad- thier butt or their clean heads?!).
  • A sample or travel size bar of soap. You could also use baby wash. This is just a small thing to help you get them cleaner than just having to use a baby wipe. Your toddler (and you) might feel more comfortable knowing they are clean and not just wiped off, especially if you have a long day ahead.
  • A small rag (see above). These are fairly inexpensive so you could chose to throw it away or take it home and wash it with their soiled clothing.
  • A spare pair of underpants (of course). This assumes you are keeping a change of clothes in the diaper bag but good idea to add a pair of clean pants to this kit if you don’t carry a diaper bag. I love the thicker training pants for potty training! They tend to absorb much more and might not leak through to clothes.
  • A disposable diaper sack for items that need to be tossed. I also carry a wet-dry bag in my diaper bag and I love it! It comes in super handy for storing wet items until I can get them into the wash. It is water proof on the inside (so no leaks) and there is a pocket in front too keep clean clothes. It has really been a lifesaver at times!
  • Put all contents into a plastic zip bag (or use the wet-dry bag) to make a portable kit. The plastic zip bag can also be used to transport or dispose of soiled clothing after clean up.

Potty Training Accident Kit 4

And done! All clean and ready to keep moving. These potty training accident kits are small and simple enough to keep one in your purse and one in the car- or anywhere you might need one (even at grandma’s house).

My pediatrician always tells me “they aren’t gong to college in diapers” so try not to get too frustrated. It will come. And you will be ready until it does!


Potty Training Accident Kit

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