Sand Play Beach Bag

Throw together a quick Sand Play Beach Bag- all from the Dollar Store!


DIY Sand Play Bag for under $10

Heading to the beach this summer? Of course you are! Whether it’s a tropical paradise, a lake, a short-drive weekend getaway, or even a local restaurant with an island theme- The kids are going to want to play in the sand.

Here is an easy solution you can throw in your trunk for that spontaneous road trip or lunch at a tropical restaurant.

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It includes:

-mat for sand-free butts and wiping little feet


-digging tool

-sand shapes

-baby powder (for easy sand removal)

-carrying tote

-baby wipes

All for under $10! Assemble everything into the tote bag and throw in your trunk! You have an easy, portable, light-weight bag of sand fun ready to go.

I was able to get each piece at Dollar Tree on a quick run before we went to lunch at a restaurant with tables in the sand. They allow the kids to play in the sand but you must have your own toys. I put two of these kits together and was able to keep my toddlers and my nephew busy enough that my sister and I could eat our lunch! (AKA- a parenting miracle). This would be a fun gift to put together for a birthday party or as a vacation “bon voyage”!

Sand Play Beach Bag

Baby powder rally does remove sand amazingly easy. It even gets off wet sand; I just tried it at the beach! Just pour some baby powder on little hands and feet then rub and the sand grains will easily come off. (Remember that baby powder can be a choking hazard to babies/toddlers so consult with your doc on safe use!). Once the sand is off and there is mostly dust/dirt left, use the baby wipes to clean skin. This trick should at least get you home/back to the hotel for showers!

Just a simple hack to keep kids happy and Mom sane! Happy digging!


DIY Sand play beach bag

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