Talking to Your Child about the Election and Voting

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Politics is one of the most difficult subjects for adult to discuss. Trying to explain all of this to our kids is even harder. It is almost impossible to shield them from political commercials, ads, and even pollers knocking on our doors. The best things we can do it try to talk as openly as possible about the election, democracy, and the right to vote.

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Here are some resources that I found to help me talk to my children about the election, voting, and presidency.

Epic! Books

Epic! Books is an app that gives you unlimited access to over 30,000 children books. There are books from every genre (nonfiction, fiction, characters, award winners, selections by age, and even educational videos). For a more detailed information on Epic! Books, read my review here: LINK .

I love that Epic! Books gives such a wide variety of titles and categories. My kids get lost in books while browsing titles and listening to the read-aloud stories. I was able to find so many great resources that talk about presidency, voting, the election, and democracy. There are some history titles as well as some easier examples through story lines of their favorite characters (helpful for younger children).

Some great election titles:

“A Kid’s guide to Voting” by Tammy Gagne

“A History of Voting Rights” by Tamra Orr

“What are Elections” (ages 6-8) by Bobi Martin

“Today on Election Day” (ages 5-7) by Catherine Steir

“Otto runs for President” by Rosemary Wells

“Vote for Me” (ages 6-8) by J. Jean Robinson

“Citizens and their Government” (ages 10-12) by Fredrik Liljeblad

There are also books about Susan B. Anthony, explanations of each political party, and many more than I can list. This is such a great way to help kids understand what this whole “election” thing is about facts and kid-safe information.

This is a great time to sign up now for a 30 day free trial and access these books about the election! You can cancel anytime (but I think you will love it!).

Click the image to start your free trial:

The Netflix of Children's Books

PBS kids is featuring “You Choose” with videos, games, and activity sheets to help kids learn about the candidates and allow them to feel involved.

We have been in love with since the day my daughter surprised us by recognizing the letter “I” at barley 2 years old. Once I figured out this trick, they to want to play every day.

I found several activities that talk about the president, voting, election, and what it means to be a good leader. Here are some of the titles:

“Vote for Me”

“What Does the President Do”

“Can I Be President?”

There are read-aloud books, puzzles, coloring pages, and activities to help kids navigate these subjects. I love how they present the information in a way that is fun for kids. There is also a 30-day free with trial so this is another great resource to try today. You can cancel anytime so you have nothing to lose!

Click here to try it free for 30 days:


Nickelodeon is handling the election with “Kids Pick the President”. This includes informational videos on the candidates and an opportunity for kids to cast their own vote in Nickelodeon’s election. This is such a great way to let kids know that their voice matters too. after all, it is their future!


I hope these resources make talking to your child about the election a little easier. This is such a difficult subject so we parents need all the help we can get!



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