Thank you to Moms…

Thank you to Moms who showed us the ropes














Motherhood is an instant unspoken connection. It bonds women in a way that cannot be fully explained by words. It takes a village of Moms who have been there to help each other. You know when you are totally stuck you can always count on another Mom, even if she is a stranger.

Thank you to Moms who know


Thank you to the Mom who talks to my daughter in the store to calm her down when she is screaming and carrying on. I am embarrassed and she can see it on my face. She knows just what to say to engage my cranky toddler.

Thank you to the waitress who brings my toddlers some crackers before their food comes because she is also a Mom and she knows how kids behave when they are hungry and impatient.

Thank you to the Mom in the booth behind me in the restaurant attempting to have peaceful meal with her husband. I am trying to apologize for my disruptive toddlers but she won’t hear of any apology. She tells me that she is a grandma and though it may not seem like it now, I will miss these days. She reminds me that I should treasure them while they are young.

Thank you to the Mom who held the door for me as I juggle shopping bags, my huge purse, the diaper bag, and a double stroller full of cranky toddlers. She knows I am used to doing it myself and remembers how hard it is to juggle but that it is even harder to ask for help.

Thank you to the Mom behind me in line at Walmart who distracts my child so I can pay and get out of there. She remembers when her kids were small and my babies remind her of them. She misses her children being that young.

Thank you to the Mom in the ladies room who saw a big pregnant belly and let me go first. She had four kids and she knows how bad I had to go.

Thank you to my sister who was a Mom first and will watch my daughter with no notice because I am desperate. My daughter is sobbing that she doesn’t want Mommy to leave, I am crying because I feel guilty but I have to go, and the only thing that consoles her is the possibility of playing with her cousin. The only thing that comforts me is knowing my daughter is with her Aunt, who will treat her like she is her own daughter- because she is a Mom too and knows the pangs of parental guilt.

Thank you to the Mom on the other end of the phone line who is patient while I try to make a doctor’s appointment. She remembers that as soon as Moms get on the phone, their children have some emergency or something they just can’t wait to say. Her kids did that too so she tells me to take my time, she understands.

When you help me and I say thank you I hope you understand that I am not merely being polite. I truly appreciate that you have been there, recognize that I am struggling, and offer your help without me even having to ask. Thank you. Truly. The only way I can repay you is to promise that when I see your daughter or your granddaughter in the store, trying to push her cart with one hand and holding onto her screaming toddler with the other- I promise I will see her struggling, remember that was me not so long ago, and come to her rescue. I promise to pay it forward as you did to me.

Do you have a story of how another Mom helped you? I would love to hear it! Please leave a comment and share!

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