Toddler activity- Paper roll necklaces

Paper roll necklaces

Here is a quick and easy craft for toddlers. I’m sure preschooler’s would also enjoy this activity but I like to label it as toddler because it is so hard to find safe, easy things for toddlers to do. I spend a lot of time trying to find anything to distract my toddler from feeding her baby sister Cheerios. I also want her to be a low-media kid which is quite challenging with 2 under 2. If only that Mickey Mouse wasn’t so darn mesmerizing… Here is something I threw together in a pinch one day while trying to keep her busy:

Here’s what you need:

Cardboard rolls (from toilet paper or paper towels)

scissors (adult cutting required!)


Stickers, crayons, and anything to decorate

necklace supplies          necklace cutting
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Take cardboard rolls and cut into pieces about 2” long. (If you have toilet paper sized rolls and want to avoid the cutting, you could use them as they are). Cut ribbon as long as desired for necklace. Be sure to leave lots of room for little fingers to thread (if they are able) and a little extra room for tying. Allow little artist to decorate the “beads” a.k.a. cardboard-roll-pieces. We used stickers and crayons to decorate since my toddler is only one. Older kids could use age appropriate paints, markers, etc. for decorating. When all “beads” are beautiful, thread onto ribbon (or allow child to do so if they can) and tie the two ends together. Remember to supervise small children with anything around their neck.

Short, simple, and sweet.  Sometime the happy places in life are just that- simple and sweet!

necklace final

This is a great activity to add to the Out-the-Door box!

What activities do you use to keep your kids busy so you can cook/clean/work…. ? Please leave a comment below and share your ideas!!!


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