Trending now- KNITTING!

Trending now- Knitting!

I blame it on the scarf fashion trend- but everyone is kitting now! I am too obsessed with crafts not to try this one and now finger and arm knitting make it so easy. Being a beginner and not knowing anyone who is familiar with the process, I turned to the second best tutorial spot- the internet! There were countless videos and sites with great instruction and demonstrations. I was happy to see so many with detailed, true beginner level instructions because I was basically starting from scratch. Other than some basic crocheting, I’m not very good with fabric or yarn. I found a site that I LOVE called Simply Maggie. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her site has some really cool stuff. If you are looking to get started arm knitting, this is a great site to start:

I am still working on arm knitting. I have trouble maintaining even tension so my holes are all different sizes- something I assume improves with practice so I will have to update when I have made some progress!

In the meantime, I had a much easier time with finger knitting. I was able to keep enough tension to make a pretty tight knit. I made a small scarf for One (first daughter) in about 20 minutes- not bad for my first attempt but I bet it could be done even quicker with practice. I used Lion Brand Yarn in Dallas Grey and Honolulu Pink. With this needle-free style, it seems that the thicker the yarn, the better. This was the thickest stuff I could find in local stores. FYI, Walmart has the least expensive yarn (at least in my area). If you plan on purchasing at a craft store- bring your coupons!  JoAnn fabrics and Michael’s always have coupons on their websites so don’t forget yours when you go to the store (Michael’s does accept coupons from your phone). There are bulkier yarns but none I could find in stores. Simply Maggie lists a few that she uses that are super bulky. Check out her site for more info.

Here is a link to the finger knitting video tutorial I watched. It was super easy to follow and I only watched in once before I could knit the whole scarf.

Easy right? I added “fringe” by simply tying yarn around a few of the knits at each end and cutting to make fringe. Obviously the knit is quite narrow so the scarf is too (finger spread is only so wide, right?). I bet it would be wider with a looser switch but I was trying to keep mine very tight. Apparently it is possible to add rows to make it wider but that is way beyond my ability at the moment! Check out the comments below the video (through the link) for more info.

I now have a whole list of things I want to make by finger knitting and arm knitting. As soon as I come across that precious commodity of time… I will make them one at a time and post my creations.

Here is my first needle-less knitting project! Nothing fancy but a small win:

scarfdisplay fringe

Crafting is a happy place. Knitting is both frustrating and relaxing- it keeps your mind busy but in a relaxing way! If knitting is happy place for you, share!

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