Trolls Inspired! Rainbow Hair Trolls Cupcakes

Preview: Satisfy your Trolls lover with these easy Trolls cupcakes! (inspired by the movie!)

Trolls Cupcakes with troll hair


You don’t have to eat a troll to be happy- just try the cupcakes! 😉

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Are your kids as excited for Trolls as mine are?! We are listening to the soundtrack by 10 am every morning. I thought we had almost EVERY piece of Trolls merchandise they make (Christmas was like Trolls-mas this year…)- but after checking Amazon- I was so wrong! Hooded towels, hair top headphones, Poppy boots, and this fabulous Bridget doll that I can’t find in stores…

You caught me. I love the movie as much as my kids do.

That’s what inspired me to come up with these fun Troll-hair cupcakes! (Cupcakes & rainbows, right?) They are easy to make and perfect for birthday parties or your own at-home movie release party!

The movie is now on iTunes and will be available on DVD February 7th. You can reserve/buy your copy here:

In the meantime, let’s make cupcakes!

Trolls Cupcakes

Here’s what you need:

Cupcakes (pre-made in your favorite flavor!)


Cotton Candy

Airhead Xtremes (rainbows)

Candy Sprinkles (optional)


  1. Bake cupcakes in your favorite flavor and allow to cool.
  2. Select pink icing or add a drop of red food coloring to white icing and stir. Ice cupcakes.

3. Pull cotton candy in a medium sized piece to resemble the tall, fuzzy troll hair. This took me a couple of tries to get a piece I liked. You can pinch the top to get a point-shaped tip if you want.

4. Take a piece of rainbow Airhead Xtremes and place around bottom of the hair. The icing should help hold it in place.

5. Add colored sprinkles or candy pieces to the icing in front of the rainbow (optional). Wilton does make an edible glitter that would go well with the Trolls theme. I have never tried it myself but it looks cute!

6. Eat Troll cupcakes and be happy!

Here is a fun, short video showing the creation steps:


Trolls inspired Rainbow Hair Trolls cupcakes



*Living In Happy Pace is in no way endorsed by or associated with Dreamworks or the Trolls franchise.

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