Win the morning wardrobe battle with your kids

Sneak preview: Use these 5 tips to win the morning wardrobe battle with your kids and get out the door on time. 

Tips to end the morning wardrobe battle


You think you hate mornings until you have kids. Then you realize that waking up groggy and leisurely getting dressed for work or class while sipping your morning coffee is actually bliss.

Now, every morning there is a battle over the “ugly” shirt,”wrong” pants, or sweaters kids “hate”. Clothes are thrown, buses are missed, and tears are shed (mostly moms). We fight this battle every day in my house. My daughter wanted to wear her pajamas. All. The. Time. I want to share with you some tips I use to avoid this epic battle.

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5 Tips to win the morning wardrobe battle


morning wardrobe battles

1.Pick outfits at night- with a twist

If you are struggling through wardrobe fights then you have already tried having your child get his/her outfit at night. This never worked for me because my daughter would wake up and hate the outfit she picked. One of the things that worked for us was options. Instead of picking one outfit, try letting your child pick 2 choices to have ready for the morning. That way when they wake up and hate the blue shirt, there is a back up ready to go.

2. Buy multiple versions of favorites

Does your child have a favorite teeshirt or hoodie? Try having a few different versions of the same shirt (or whatever the favorite article may be) so he/she still gets to wear a CLEAN shirt. For example, if your son is going through a Spiderman phase, let him pick out several different Spiderman shirts. My daughter has a pink stripped dress she wants to wear every single day. We compromised by buying her that same dress in the 2 other colors available so I could at least wash the pink one!

It sounds like it might get expensive but buying a couple “favorites” might actually add up to saving in the end since you won’t have to buy a bunch of clothes he doesn’t wear.

3. Hide and (no) seek

Sometime you literally have to hide the clothes you don’t want them to wear. Out of sight out of mind. For example, if the weather is going to be colder that day, hide the sundresses and tank tops. Put them in your own closet before you start outfit selection so your child won’t even be tempted.

4. When all else fails- prepare for a fight

When you have tried everything and there is still a daily fight about outfits, you have to have a back-up plan. Spend the time at night prepping other things like lunches, getting coats ready, setting backpacks by the door, etc. That way when you wake up to an episode of Project Runway, you are otherwise prepared and might still get out the door on time.

5.  Fill their closet with clothes you both agree on

Trying to have a closet (mostly) full of clothes both you and your child agree on can help avoid a lot of fights. Finding clothes that are stylish, comfy, affordable, and high quality can be a challenge…

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morning wardrobe battle

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Tricks to end the morning wardrobe battle with your kids

Morning wardrobe battle- OVER! Okay well it’s not magic but following these tips could at least get your kids some cute clothes and you enough time for a cup of coffee. (I didn’t say it would still be hot ;)). Good luck!

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