DIY Popsicle Holder Craft. Fun and functional activity for kids and Moms!

DIY Popsicle Holder Craft! Freezing little fingers? Try this easy to make DIY Popsicle holder to save little hands from freezing while they enjoy their chilly treat!

Freeze Pop, Ice Pop, Popsicle– everyone calls them something different (brand names vary) but you know which ones I mean, right? The long, frozen stick ones that come in a package of like 200?!

Push-up frozen treats are a childhood right of passage. We all remember the excitement when a neighborhood Mom would come outside carrying a bouquet of freeze pops. After a long day of playing hard riding our bikes and that pick-up game of dodge ball– those frozen sticks were just what you needed to cool off. As much as you needed that treat, you knew you would have frostbite before you got to the bottom. (Especially with those extra long ones you get at the baseball field!)

Every time I hand one of these to my toddler, I think about her frozen fingers! I wanted to make something simple to keep her hands from freezing but still let her have this treat that I remember so fondly. With some felt and a glue gun, I can conquer anything!

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Frozen Popsicle holder

DIY Popsicle Holder Craft

Here’s what you need:

Felt (usually around 20 cents per sheet)


Hot Glue Gun

Pen or marker

Freeze Pop (for measuring)

Foam Stickers (or anything you want to use to decorate)

Turn on the glue gun so it is nice and hot when you need it! Start by laying the felt flat and placing a freeze pop (popsicle, etc.) on top. Fold the felt over to measure the amount needed to cover the freeze pop (see photo). Be sure to leave enough room for the glue!

Mark a line where you will need to cut:

popsicle craft 2

Cut felt on the line. Use the hot glue to make two lines on the long side and bottom of the felt. (A single line of glue may not provide enough support to hold the freeze pop. I have found that two lines of glue provides more reinforcement):

DIY freeze pop holder

Line up the edges and (carefully) press down on the felt to glue the sides together:

popsicle craft 3

Allow the glue to cool and then let the kids decorate!
popsicle craft finished
This is a fun craft to let them personalize with their name, favorite colors, characters, stickers- whatever craft supplies you have lying around!

DIY Ice pop holder craft


It kept their fingers from freezing:

DIY freeze pop holder

popsicle craft G


I am impressed how well they hold up! My toddlers use theirs all the time and the holders are still intact (with just a few popsicle juice stains!). Don’t you love a craft that is functional, fun, and provides a simple way to bond with your kids over a timeless favorite treat! =)

I started out trying to solve a small problem and ended up being able to do a fun craft with my daughter. Since felt is so inexpensive and you probably have the other supplies lying around, you can make frozen popsicle holders for about 25 cents each! This is a great activity for kid’s parties or cook-outs.

If you aren’t feeling crafty, you can buy a set like this from Amazon:



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Now you have a fun Mommy & Me activity to craft together while you bore you child with stories of your childhood 😉  Don’t you wish you had a popsicle holder as a kid?!


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